Freediving Cource at Coraya Divers

Freediving Course Level 1 – Beginner Freediver

You will learn proper breathing technics, familiarize yourself with diaphragmatic breathing and take a deep breath like you have never done before. The beginner freediving course is made to provide knowledge in the three different disciplines: Static, Dynamic and Constant Weight.

It will teach you the important rules of behaviour and the safest way to perform freediving while allowing the fastest improvement down to 20 meters. You will learn different ways to equalize your ears, making it possible to dive down to 20 meters without any feeling of discomfort or struggle.

Static Apnea 

We explain the stages of the breath hold, the diaphragmatic contractions that will occur and how to safely go for your limits while submerging your airways into water. After completing Level 1 the average breath hold is around 2:30 minutes, regardless of your fitness condition or age. Freediving can be done by anyone so take your chances!

Dynamic Freediving

Dynamic is a confined water discipline where you start learning proper finning technics while swimming underwater in shallow depths. We will be focusing on your body position, strength, stamina and your ability to relax while performing dives.

This discipline is by far the most important for beginners, it allows students to gain more confidence before starting with depth training.

Depth Training and Fun Diving

With the right equalization usage, you will smoothly dive down 15-20 meters in open water, starting with the “duck dive”, a technic to enter the water in its most efficient way. Getting used to the depth we will also teach you the skill of rescuing a diving buddy from a minimum of 10 meters, being best prepared for future training.

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