In Future we welcome all ambition iterated Free Diver / Apnoe Diver with a special designed swimming platform holding a vertical 30 meter rope. On top of this you will find several training rope opportunities in our lagoon to 5 and 10 meter. For all professional free divers we can offer a permanently fix 40 meter descending rope in our bay. If you need to rent some let or other dive equipment feel free to contact us in the dive Center. If you travel alone and need a safety diver for your free diving training you can arrange a appointment with one of our dive professionals to join your exercises.


Das Team of Coraya Divers say thank you very much for 3000 Facebook-Friends.

We host a German TV Team in our Dive Center and on board of our boat Toshka. A famous German comedian had the order to make a “SELFI” of him and a dugong.

Our tem helped to find and organize the project.