Sustainable diving

with Coraya Divers

Water and air, the two crucial elements for life on earth, turned into global trash cans” – Jacques Cousteau

Very slowly, but- finally – mankind understood sustainable environment protection is not just a task for the big polluting entities, but it is a task for ALL OF US…. EVERY DAY!

We divers can also do our part to ensure that our reefs and the oceans of this earth are polluted as little as possible.

That’s why we at Coraya Divers have decided to put the idea of environment protection into the focus of our daily work and integrate it into our actions.

PLEASE kindly support us in these efforts!

Here are some hints for our diving customers

  • be attentive: report to your dive center any environment violation you have observed.
  • avoid trash: (also during your vacation) Collect rubbish during your dives wherever possible.
  • behave under water: more knowledge about the marine life allows you to adapt better to it. (grab the opportunity to increase your knowledge)
  • Mind your buoyancy and don’t forget: Your legs became much longer with the fins!
  • Avoid harmful sunscreen and wear our Coraya Divers UV shirts, for example.
  • Mind our limited resources = your water consumption. We live in the desert here: Sea water must be desalinated, and it is expensive…
  • Avoid the use of ‚one way’ plastic items wherever you can!

Please follow this link to get more important information.

And what are Coraya Divers doing on site?

  • We offer refillable water bottles at all Coraya Divers dive centers.
  • We use cotton bags instead of plastic bags.
  • We use environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines for our speedboats.
  • We conduct regular beach and dive site clean-ups.
  • We have installed: Buoy chains to protect the reefs (in the water and on land).
  • We do regular reef checks.
  • We organize species-appropriate dolphin tours to our beautiful dive site “Samadai”.
  • We carry out Collective transports for our staff.
  • We have established: Continuous education and training of our staff in environmental protection
  • We offer: For our guests “Marine Ecology” courses from SSIWe operate: Low-noise compressors from Bauer with a premium energy efficiency label.
  • We have replaced: only LED bulbs in our diving centers.

We are co-operating closely with the following organisations:

  • HEPCA (Hurghada Environment Protection and Conservation Agency)
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Scuba Schools International
  • SSI Blue Oceans
  • Dolphin Watch Alliance
  • Turtle Watch
  • Marine biologist Barney Seier