The Coraya Kids Diving Programme


The Coraya Divers Kids programme provides scuba diving as an activity for children to experience the underwater world in a playful way.

Under expert guidance, they learn how to safely use diving equipment in the shallow end of a swimming pool. The programme is a fun learning activity without pressure.

The Bubble Diver is a great experience for the smaller participants and future aquanauts.

Age (from/to): 8-12 years

Duration: ½ day (3 hours) (1x Pool)

The prices can be found in the respective price list:

Coraya Diver Kids Programme

After the Bubble Diver experience there is an exciting and spectacular dive in the lagoon of our beautiful house reef.

And it’s that easy:

For all ‘water babies’ between 8 and 12 years, we offer four half-day courses in our child-friendly program. The sessions take place in the morning from 9 am to 12 noon or in the afternoon from 1:30 – 4.30 pm

Under the direct supervision of an instructor, we introduce all the children in a playful but very safe safe way to the world of diving.

Each day the children reach a new level beginning with the Bubble Diver on the first day then right up to the highest level, the Scuba Kid.

With each level, the child learns more about how to use diving equipment and carry out underwater exercises. After participating in at least three sessions in the pool the child has reached the highest goal: a dive in the ocean (up to 2 meters deep) where they can be close up to all the colorful fish.

Age (from/to): 8-12 years

Duration: 4 x ½ day (3 hour per day) (2 x Pool, 2 x sea)

SSI Junior Scuba Diver Kurs

Falls Du Dich entschieden hast, tauchen zu lernen, ist der SSI Junior Scuba Diver Kurs der einfachste Weg. Beim Scuba Diver Kurs werden Dir am ersten Tag im Klassenzimmer die wichtigsten theoretischen Grundregeln beigebracht; danach erlernst Du im Pool die nötigen praktischen Fertigkeiten.

Am zweiten Tag wirst Du dann schon die ersten zwei Tauchgänge bis in eine Maximaltiefe von 12 Metern an unserem wunderschönen Hausriff durchführen. Das Ganze natürlich unter Aufsicht und Führung einer unserer SSI Instructoren.

Sicherheit und Spaß sind hierbei die oberste Devise.

Nach erfolgreichem Bestehen dieser zwei Tage können wir Dich zum SSI Junior Scuba Diver zertifizieren. Mit diesem Tauchbrevet steht es Dir offen, weltweit unter Aufsicht eines Tauchprofis bis zu einer Maximaltiefe von 12 Metern zu tauchen!

Die andere Alternative ist noch weitere zwei Tage Spaß anzuhängen und den SSI Open Water Diver Tauchschein zu vervollständigen (ab dem 12ten Lebensjahr).

Mindestalter: 12 Jahre

Gute Gesundheit (siehe Downloads)

SSI Junior Open Water Diver

The SSI Junior Open Water Diver course is the right choice if you’re planning to dive in the future independently with a partner and reach depths greater than 12 meters.

This international SSI qualification (certified diver) is recognized worldwide.

The first 2 days of the program correspond to the SSI Junior Scuba Diver course. On the third day more exercises follow in the shallow water of the lagoon and theoretical knowledge is expanded. A short written test completes the theoretical lessons.

On the fourth day, accompanied and supervised by your instructor, you complete two more dives to a maximum depth of 18 meters, where the learned exercises are repeated again and refined. Upon successful completion of these 4 days we can award you the Open Water Diver certification.

Minimum age: 12 years

Good health (see Downloads)

SSI Junior Advanced Adventure Diver

The SSI Junior Advanced Adventure Diver course provides the option of continuing your scuba training after the SSI Open Water Diver qualification.

The basic idea of this course is to enable the diver to gain insight into 5 different areas of expertise. The following topics are offered in the Junior Advanced Adventure Course:

Navigation, boat diving, underwater photography, identifying fish and naturalist knowledge, night diver, peak performance buoyancy, search and recovery, underwater scooter and waves, tides and currents.

The five adventure dives can be spread over the holidays and do not have to be taken all at once.

Minimum age: 12 years

(The deep diving course is only possible from the age of 15 in the AAD Course and the Deep Specialty Course).

Good health (see Downloads)

Exclusive: Special equipment such as underwater camera, scooter, underwater torch, compass, SMB buoy, etc. bus & boot surcharges.