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70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. This gives you an idea of how much life is going on under the sea. Scuba diving has gained in popularity in recent years – tourism has established a new niche – dive tourism. Through increased environmental awareness tour operators must comply with stricter regulations to maintain well-preserved and healthy diving areas.

There are many regions in the world where diving is rewarded with incredible views of beautiful fish, coral, caves and shipwrecks. We want to make some of them accessible to our guests. The dive sites in the Red Sea provide the opportunity of diving in very favorable conditions and befriend the beauty of the underwater world.

Diving in and around Marsa Alam – Red Sea (Egypt)

Many dive sites around the fishing village of Marsa Alam in southern Egypt offer the adventure of almost virgin diving experiences. Abu Dabab, Elphinstone Reef, Shaab Marsa Alam and Shab Samadai are only four of the more than 30 popular dive sites.

Abu Dabab and the manatees

About 25 km south of our dive base is Abu Dabab with its large sea grass seabed. This is the habitat of seawater turtles and manatees (dugongs). What many do not know is that there are seven offshore reefs, which can be reached from Port Garlib by day boat. Here the coral is virtually untouched. One of the most beautiful is the heart-shaped reef in the south with two upstream ergs.

In the countless coral blocks occasionally one can find sleeping reef sharks or camouflaged stone fish (caution, poisonous!)

World famous: Elphinstone Reef

For very experienced divers the Elphinstone Reef to the north is well worth a visit. It has steep cliffs covered with soft coral, sponges and Gorgonian fan corals. Here, barracudas, deep sea sharks and hammerheads in the deeper realms gladden the heart of every diver. Experience levels for diving Elphinstone Reef is from AOWD/**/Silver or Deep Specialty and at least 50 logged dives.

A fascinating variety of fish: Shaab Marsa Alam

About four miles east of the small fishing village of Marsa Alam is the kidney-shaped coral reef, Shaab Marsa Alam. West of the reef there is a sandy bottom with ergs and coral rock, while to the north are found the hunting grounds of remarkable trout, groupers and moray eels.

Barracuda and tuna are found in the open waters, while porida and acropora colonies hide in their caves and crevices. Around the reef is a considerable population of diverse marine life with everything one could wish for. 4 years ago a wreck was found; a sunken safari boat which, with its wooden planks, provides a good basis for soft coral growth.

Dolphin House – Dolphin schools you can almost touch

Shab Samadai or Dolphin House as it is called, is a horseshoe shaped reef, where schools of spinner dolphins can often be found; the animals are very friendly and approach the divers at arms length. Smaller coral pinnacles on the western tip share the area with swarms of reef fish. During drift dives bottlenose dolphins, sharks of all kinds, eagle rays and manta rays can be observed.

All other reefs we visit are just as beautiful as those described here and have their own particular charm. Highlights such as Abu Sail, Koraffi, Habily Mubarac and Sharm Yousef to name but a few are the top dive areas around our base.

The diving maps of most of the dive sites and detailed descriptions are available here in our download center.

The Coraya Divers team looks forward to enjoying these dives with you.

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