• Bay diving

Beach diving at Coraya Divers

Every day we offer alternative trips by land. These are for the not so seaworthy snorkelers and divers providing the chance to visit up to 10 dive sites within the vicinity of the Coraya Dive Centre. They include famous locations such as Abu Dabab.

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We provide half or full-day tours on a daily basis. The journey time is a maximum of 60 minutes drive in one of our comfortable air-conditioned minibuses

After the briefing by our dive master a team of partners, small private groups * or guided diving groups** may explore the beauty of the Red Sea.

Requirements and supervision:

* at least 25 proven dives per person

** maximum ratio of 6 divers per dive master

Many of the the shore based dive areas are comparable to the outer reefs and you can find many rare species of marine life inhabiting the unspoiled coral reefs of these Red Sea sites.

Easy beach diving with all the comforts

At the destination, our drivers and helpers will lay out carpets for you to assemble your equipment… sand-free!

For the all-day trips, shaded roofs can be erected between the vehicles. There are also small snacks. Cold drinks are available on all our trips.

There are two dives available during the full day trips with a lunch break during the surface interval.