Housereefmap Coraya Bay

Open 365 days a year: the Coraya Divers House Reef

We are proud that one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in the whole of Egypt is the Coraya reef.

Coraya Dive Centre is located in Coraya Bay which is open to the northeast. This sheltered location protects divers from the strong currents and high waves often present in the open sea. Both the beautifully vegetated north reef as well as the diversity of the south reef can easily be visited nearly every day of the year from Coraya Divers.

The quay was specially designed to provide divers and snorkelers with optimal conditions. Separate access areas have enough space and seclusion to prepare for your underwater adventure. The security team of the hotel is present to keep a watchful eye on swimmers and snorkelers, as well as providing education about marine life and reef conservation.

Perfect for divers, snorkelers, swimmers and even non-swimmers

Snorkelers and non-swimmers have a large observation platform where from the water surface one can admire the fish, coral and other marine life.

Early risers are often lucky enough to see large dolphin schools in the bay between 7.00 and 10.00 am. Even mantas, dolphins and manatees occasionally take shelter here.

Free boat shuttle to all house reef diving areas

The house reef ferry boat ploughs back and forth throughout the day between the quay and the north and south reefs. It can be used free of charge by our guests. This popular service greatly increases the opportunity to dive on the house reef at any time of the day.

The reef boat and our two short-trip speedboats are located directly at the divers quay and provide easy entrance and exit. After a journey of around 20 minutes they reach eight additional top-class diving areas used exclusively by Coraya Divers.

You will find further information about boat trips, courses and beach diving right here: FAQ Important Questions.