With our pleasure to inform you that, Madinat Coraya Marsa Alam Hotels have been awarded HolidayCheck award of 2015 as well Madinat Coraya hotels collected (5) awards

As best top 5 hotels ranking in Marsa Alam destination as followings:-

Good news concerning the ‘boot 2015’ show in Duesseldorf, Jan 17th to 25th 2015.
After a few years of absence Coraya Divers are back and  present at the show. We are looking forward to chatting with ‘old’  and new customers and inform you about our unique portfolio. Even better news is the fact that we offer in addition our ‘Messe Special’,  a special discount package which can be booked online ONLY during the time of the show. It is by far the most economic way to dive with Coraya Divers! So don’t hesitate and go for it!
Wishing you all safe and enjoyable diving adventures
Your Coraya Divers



  • The ‘Messe Special’ offer is tied to the booking individual and can not be transferred to another one.
  • It also cannot be used to pay for other services.
  • Since you can chose freely the period of your stay, please let us know by mail two weeks before you are actually coming so we can have a place reserved for you.
  • The “Special”  is valid for the year 2015.
Joko Winterscheidt Lizens: CC BY-SA 3.0 Quelle: Wikipedia

Joko Winterscheidt License: CC BY-SA 3.0 Quelle: Wikipedia

With the support of Coraya Divers one of the most popular programs on German TV managed to perform a show where one of the presenters- a novice diver- had to take a selfie with a dugong, but he was told that he would risk his life by doing so. Our staff played along very convincingly and enjoyed a lot to scare him!


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After all in all 12 years in the Madinat Coraya Sonja und Kai Dunkelmann and their new twins (delivery date:  Feb 2015) left our beautiful Egypt to take on new challenges in good old Germany. For this task we wish them “all the best and good luck”and would like to take the opportunity to thank them again for all these years of dedicated and successful commitment for the ‘Coraya family’.

And who are their successors? We are very happy that we could assign this task to Tina and Nino Feranda. Two ‘veterans’ who knew the area between El Quesir and Marsa Alam already like the back of their hand since they have managed already successfully  two big dive centres in the region. Followed then by management posts in Oman and the Maledives. With their quiet and professional attitude they made a big number of friends over the years, not only amongst their guests but also with colleagues from the diving industry. For sure they will give their best to master this new challenge. Of course they are strongly supported by the entire Coraya team in their common effort to bring the quality, fun and safety of diving with Coraya Divers to a new level.

For the last twelve and a half years we have been in Madinat Coraya looking after both divers and snorkelers. We’ve had many happy times but also some rather sad ones during the revolution here in Egypt. It’s been responsible and interesting work for us beginning as receptionist and diving instructor respectively and then finally taking over the management of the base.
The responsibility of a firm with 90 employees which has evolved into one of the biggest and best diving centers in the world, has been a great challenge with which we were well rewarded.

We would therefore like to say a big thank you to all the employees who have helped to achieve this. Many of them have been with us from the very beginning and together with the newer helpers have grown together making this a huge Coraya divers family. The “parents” of this “family” was for a long time the main aim in our lives. But now due the oncoming birth of our twins in January we have now decided to return to Germany.

Last but not least we would like to thank our dear guests who have now become our friends over the last twelve and a half years. You who have carried us through with your valued feedback encouraging us to higher goals.

Leaving Marsa Alam does not mean us leaving diving for ever. As you know the diving world is very small and at some future time we are bound to meet again.

We wish the new management and the entire staff all the best for the future.

Sonja and Kai Dunkelmann

From now, bookings can be paid by PayPal in the shop here.

In Future we welcome all ambition iterated Free Diver / Apnoe Diver with a special designed swimming platform holding a vertical 30 meter rope. On top of this you will find several training rope opportunities in our lagoon to 5 and 10 meter. For all professional free divers we can offer a permanently fix 40 meter descending rope in our bay. If you need to rent some let or other dive equipment feel free to contact us in the dive Center. If you travel alone and need a safety diver for your free diving training you can arrange a appointment with one of our dive professionals to join your exercises.