Dear guests and friends of Coraya Divers,

What a year we have had.

The permanently changing travel conditions made live really difficult for all of us. That’s why we are sincerely grateful to all of our customers who managed to make it to Coraya under these difficult circumstances. But our gratitude also goes to our base managers, who were able to keep up the well known quality level, to organize the business and motivate their teams. Indeed a difficult task, but they all performed excellently!

Romana and Kris in Brayka Bay, Radka in the- now renamed- Steigenberger Alaya, (she even had to build an almost completely new team from August onwards) and of course our ‘longest serving’ Sandra and Jens in Coraya Bay. Over the last five years they  did a great job in developing the business even further. Their contract Read more

Dear diving friends,

we are incredibly happy to inform you that our second hotel Royal Brayka Beach Resort will be reopened on the 4th of April.

This means that both hotels Brayka Bay Hotel & Royal Brayka Beach Resort are officially opened for the summer season!

Do not forget about our special SUMMER offers, Read more

Merry Christmas 2020

Dear guests and diving friends of Coraya Divers.

The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end and that is a good thing 😉.

The entire Coraya Divers team in Egypt would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much. We would like to say thank you for the trust you have placed in us, for your participation in our online courses, your lovely and caring e-mails and also for coming back early when it was possible again. Many of you have found your way to us, despite quarantine, long flight times, detours and flight cancellations.

We thank you a lot for this!

We will not take part in the “boot” Read more

Dear guests,



Coraya Divers Brayka Bay has the great pleasure to announce that we have received our official government certificate to open Read more

Do you like to learn online?
We visit you at home and do online classes there!

Hello, dear guests and friends of Coraya Divers Coraya Bay, Brayka Bay and Alaya!

Are the cupboards all tidied up, the tiles and windows cleaned, and Netflix is no longer giving anything interesting?

How about if you could prepare yourself online for your next diving vacation or just want to learn more? Use the time and educate yourself!

We will offer you from now on until the 30th of June 2020:


  • Science of Diving
  • Ecology Programs
  • Coraya Divers Kids Program
  • Blue Oceans


1. Science of Diving

Requirements: OWD or equivalent

Minimum age: 10 years

Topics: This program provides detailed information on physics, physiology, decompression theory, marine life and diving equipment. It is interesting for every diver at every level. Read more

Weihnachtagrüße 2019

Dear guests and diving enthusiasts of Coraya Divers.

An eventful year 2019 is slowly coming to an end.
The entire Coraya Divers Team in Egypt would like to thank you all.

We say thank you for the trust you have placed in us, the loyalty of our guests and the wonderful dives with you.

This year we also had a lot of very nice sightings during our dives.

The highlights this year Read more

Angela Ziltener

Angela ZiltenerAngela Ziltener from “Dolphin Watch Alliance” visits Coraya Divers – Egypt

Once again, we had the opportunity to host Angela Ziltener from the Dolphin Watch Alliance Read more