No Problem with the Younger Generation

You do not need to worry about the diving Younger Generation at Coraya Divers in Marsa Alam. The children’s program is offered and conducted with great enthusiasm.

In particular, the Kids program for children aged between 8-12 years is very well received. The Kids program entails four dives that are made over four days.  Also, before every dive the children receive a fun lesson on the diving equipment and its use.

The first two dives are conducted in the pool.  At first, the children learn to assemble their equipment with the instructor(s) and then take the first breaths under water.  Next, buoyancy skills are performed and games like underwater Frisbee and Memory are played.  After about 1 hour, everyone returns to the diving center, where the young divers learn how the equipment is cleaned and stored.

The other two dives are conducted on our house reef where the potential new divers may observe the fish and corals in the Coraya Bay. During the dives, the maximum depth of two meters is not exceeded because the junior divers are attached to a large inflatable aquatic animal (dolphin, seal and shark) secured to their scuba tank. Then, the junior divers go hand in hand with the instructor(s) along the house reef.

In the pool, the children have a lot of fun but when they dive for the first time between all the colorful fish and corals, their eyes are get bigger and brighter.  This is especially evident when the young divers get the chance to observe our sedentary small white tip reef shark.  Although, the baby shark is only about 1 meter long, when do you get to see such an animal outside an aquarium or on the TV?

With any luck, our house turtle is at home. The large turtle has picked a bush-gorgonian to use as a bedroom. Therefore, one quite often finds it there sleeping in the soft bed.

Due to the great demand for children learning to dive at Coraya Divers, juniors as young as 10 years old, instead of the current age of 12 years old, may participate in the Junior Open Water Diver course.