Coraya Divers received the SSI Diamond Award as an Instructor Training Center

SSI Diamond Award

Coraya Divers Marsa Alam received another award in July.

The award was presented to Coraya Divers as the only diving center in Egypt designated as a “Diamond Instructor Training Center”.

The Diamond Award distinguishes diving centers that exceptionally represent the model of professionalism.  Factors that are taken into consideration for the Diamond Award include diving centers that promote the enthusiasm for the sport of diving, customer service, training, quality assurance, and adherence to the SSI philosophy.

Also, the dive center has to have professional training and classrooms, a sales floor with appropriate merchandise available, the use of team clothing, offer all SSI training programs (as applicable based on location), Internet presence, and several other things need to be demonstrated.

Dive centers will only be awarded the Diamond Award, which hold a leading position in their field.

The Diamond award is a privilege. It cannot be purchased and may be withdrawn at any time by SSI when the standards are no longer met.  The current award is no reason for Coraya Divers to rest on their laurels, but another motivation to maintain the current standard or even improve.