Coraya Divers takes over Aquacenter

Starting from June 1st Coraya Divers took over the aqua center at the beach of the Coraya Resort.
From now on we offer all the snorkeling trips to the famous places like Abu Dabab, Dolphinhouse, Marsa Umm El Ros and Marsa Shouna.
Beside this we offer snorkeling courses, equipment rental, night-snorkeling and early morning- snorkeling.
In addition, we would like to promote the SSI Freedive Program. With Shehab Allam we have a highly qualified freedive instructor. Shehab became world champion in 2008 in Columbia. He wins the competition in freedive/monofin.
For those who would like to try, we offer at Coraya Divers the SSI Try Apnea or the SSI Freedive Basic Course. The house reef of Coraya Divers offers perfect conditions for this, as it is protected and deep. During the course you will learn about breathing and meditation, like this you can stay longer with one breath under water.
This skill will also help you to reduce stress


Coraya Divers Aquacenter