On one’s own account

Not only, but especially in times of low customer numbers some representatives of the tour operators try to increase their –not very impressive- salaries. How? By recommending heavily the excellent services of a provider they know ( and who pays them  a commission)  and who is ‘much better and cheaper than the one attached to the hotel’. Just a small example which we experienced recently: “Don’t book any diving activity before you talked to me. I know a very good German diving center, only 20 min from here and their prices are 40% cheaper than the one here in the bay. “

Guests who found this an attractive offer spent then 40 (!) min in the bus just to find out upon arrival that there was almost no difference in price compared to Coraya.

That’s why our advice for you: think twice and compare carefully instead of accepting blindly a ‘very attractive’ offer.

It is not by coincidence that Coraya Divers was awarded this year for the second time ‘Best dive center Red  Sea’ ( amongst about 300) at Europe’s biggest dive show

LAST NOT LEAST we wish you a relaxing vacation and a lot of exciting dives in Egypt.

Your Coraya Team