Farsha, the New Dive Site

New Dive Site

Farsha-DivemapFor a few weeks now the Coraya Divers have included a new dive site. The dive site is called “Farsha” and is only for experienced divers.

A Farsha in the Arabic language refers to a reef that starts far beneath the surface, similar to Thilas in the Maldives. This Farsha begins at a depth of approximately 24 meters and is located 7 kilometers from the coast.

Due to its exposed location stronger currents exist. Therefore, the minimum requirement to dive there is the Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent and at least 50 logged dives. The trip is a combination of minibus and speed boat ride. First, it’s about 40 kilometers to the north by bus, then by speedboat about 20 minutes to “Farsha”.

You will be rewarded for somewhat uncommon transfer to the dive site (bus and speedboat) with an extraordinary wealth of fish. In addition to regular Hammerhead shark sightings, you will encounter big tuna, mackerel, palette surgeonfish schools, groupers, barracudas, milkfish, snapper and much more. On the north side of the reef large sea fans grow and even rare frogfish have been spotted.

Normally, you start the dive on the north side of the reef that is 600 by 40 meters wide and conduct the Farsha dive with the southward current. On the west side the reef drops to about 100 meters and from the east side drops to 45 meters and later descends to more than 100 meters.