Marine biological weeks

Barney Seier, Marine biology

Barney Seier, Marine biology

from 24st November 2017 until 24st December 2017

Presentation about marine biology for the whole family (in the evening from 17:30)

Barney Seier explains the background of animals and plants underwater and its biological connections in his very special way without much “theoretical parts”.

The lectures last about an hour and it is a wonderful rounding off the diving day.



Marine biological dives
(on request, max 4 persons, 10, – Euro/dive extra)

Discover new way of diving for you! Barney introduces you to his world of diving. Gain impressions that you have not noticed before. In a small groups of maximum four people, you will do a marine-biological dive with Barney. Believe us, you will discover and see creatures which you would never have found without him. In the debriefing session, the entire dive is rolled up again and explained extensively.

Sea Biology Seminar
(on request, 2 days)
In this 2-day seminar you will be introduced to the underwater world of the Red Sea. Basics of the coexistence of various animals and plants species are easily understood and conveyed through many pictures. Differences of the sea-creatures in the form, structure and behavior are worked out. Before and after the dives, the details will be discussed in detail. Questions like: “Why are nudibranchs so colorful?” Or “Why are the male-seahorses are pregnant?” are answered. The objective of this marine biology seminar is to provide the diver with the knowledge of the underwater world in order to a better understanding the fantastic “silent” realm, but also the human influences.


“Enjoy diving in a whole new and fascinating way, Barney will change your vision of diving for your future diving”.