Special circumstances require special actions

Dear friends of Coraya Divers,

Unfortunately we have to inform you about a small, but necessary increase of our prices.

The background for this unusual activity in the middle of the season is as follows:

In order to conduct necessary reforms the Egyptian government has requested a big loan from the IMF.

It was granted under  certain conditions. One of them: Egypt had to introduce the VAT, which was then introduced in October 2016. And already increased end of June 2017 ! Together with the recent devaluation of the Egyptian Pound vs USD and Euro it increased all costs of living tremendously in Egypt. This to an extend that we could not maintain our current price structure, so we had to do minor modifications to some of our prices.

To disguise increased prices it is not unusual to have a priceless with rather low prices and a little red star at the bottom: prices don’t include VAT. This is not our policy, we decided to present ‘honest prices, as we always did. So please make sure you compare apples to apples when planning your next diving vacation/ destination. Just pass by our place, check the net, see how we work before you accept any ‘cheaper’ offer by one of the tour guides in the hotel, spiced up with some terrible stories about the low quality of Coraya Divers. (lately they already start this ‘business’ already in the bus coming from the airport—)

Please find hear the new price list and rest assured that quality, safety and the fun of diving are and will be our most important guide lines to achieve