Well good for us it is August 🙂


MelanieFirst of all, Melanie is finally a newly appointed diving instructor! Congratulations and we wish her a lot of fun and success in this new career.

To show you what we have Read more

Not only, but especially in times of low customer numbers some representatives of the tour operators try to increase their –not very impressive- salaries. How? By recommending heavily the excellent services of a provider they know ( and who pays them  a commission)  and who is ‘much better and cheaper Read more

Starting from June 1st Coraya Divers took over the aqua center at the beach of the Coraya Resort.
From now on we offer all the snorkeling trips to the famous places like Abu Dabab, Dolphinhouse, Marsa Umm El Ros and Marsa Shouna.
Beside this we offer snorkeling courses, equipment rental, night-snorkeling Read more


Instead of Dolphins there was a nice and seldom surprise on the Dolphinhouse this week. A zebra shark! And Andrea could take some pictures. Thanks, that we can use it!

The zebra shark belongs to the family of the nurse sharks. It can be up to 3.5m long, but mostly Read more

Frogfish near by El Gilwa

The frogfish seem to come out of hibernation. Finally, one is to see again in El Gilwa. Thanks to Udo for the photos!


Since the movie “Finding Nemo” many people imagine frogfishes as a monster in the depth of the sea. In the film, deep sea anglerfish was used as an example, who lives in 200m to 4000m depth and are 6cm to 1.20m long. But we divers meet the frogfish in shallow waters where they look not so grim and are about 40cm long maximum. Read more

Short news:

Today our brand new “BIG BUS” arrived at the base. Now we have 31 air-conditioned Seats for our guests.


“Not bad” our guest Susanne Raetz later commented after snorkeling in the Bay Coraya. A piece of blue cord covered in seaweed-covered floated by her mask. A couple of Butterfly Fish were already hard at work to eating the algae and seaweed. When she tried to put the piece of string in her pocket to dispose of later on land, she discovered a second brown cord that turned out to be Thorny Seahorse on closer inspection.

She handed the cord together with the seahorse to one of our Divemasters who brought the seahorse to a protected portion of the house reef. Now, the seahorse is waiting to be discovered by our guests on the next dive.




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