Seahorses are master of camouflage, that’s why it´s very difficult to find them. But not for Ahmed Read more

Since March1st: the Brayka Bay Dive Center under the management of Coraya Divers

In a similar privileged position like the Marsa Umm Gerifat (Vulgo Coraya Bay) is the bay where the Brayka resort is  located. Coming from Read more

A very happy ‚hallo’ to all friends of Coraya Divers in the Coraya bay

Again a lot of things, changes and improvements happened during the winter in Coraya and that’s why we would like to update Read more

Tyler, Freediving InstructorHi everyone,
my name is Tyler Chapman, I am 30 years old German from a tiny village up north of the country.
4,5 years ago, I set off on a journey towards a general change of lifestyle, occupation and to explore the world.
Since then I’ve travelled Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, North and Central Amerika making great experiences and having the best times of my life. All of these different places and influences Read more

Dolphins spark a unique fascination in us humans. To swim, snorkel, or even dive with them, is always a special highlight of a vacation. We should however never forget, Read more

Barney Seier, Marine biology

Barney Seier, Marine biology

from 24st November 2017 until 24st December 2017

Presentation about marine biology for the whole family (in the evening from 17:30)

Barney Seier explains the background of animals and plants underwater and its biological connections in his very special way without much “theoretical parts”.

The lectures last about an hour and it is a Read more

Dear friends of Coraya Divers,

Unfortunately we have to inform you about a small, but necessary increase of Read more